Some five years in origination Études Vers Un Nouvea Tarot, is a unique concept for what will be an on-going series revealing the remarkable iconography of Paul Yates’s personal mythologies. The final honing and finishing of the concept was completed on successive sojourns to St. Paul de Vence on the Cote D’Azur, a favourite retreat of the artist where his work is represented by the gallerist, Isabelle de Botton, at Casa d’Amor Design.

The original paintings of the studies were executed on board in medium ranging from light watercolours and acrylics to painted collage and assemblage. A French sommelier from a local restaurant translated the titles of the cards adding extra eccentricity and from over three hundred studies the final one hundred and fifty were chosen by chance. The works were spread out face down on the studio floor then handfuls of pennies were cast into the air, whatever cards pennies fell upon were removed and destroyed, the remaining one hundred and fifty were retained.

Études Vers Un Nouvea Tarot is published in a limited edition of fifty one decks, each comprising of one hundred and fifty cards. A number of decks have been reserved for sale as complete sets, individual cards may also be purchased. The bottom right hand corner of each card is embossed with the artist’s monogram and supplied with a signed certificate of authenticity. The commissioning of specific subjects for Tarot Cards is possible and specialist formats for architects and designers are available. Enquiries: info@paulyatesstudio.com